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Giuliani to consider presidential run

The holy rollers will lose their minds over the images on the right.

If he runs, he could do well with the masses. The problem is he will alienate the AmTaliban and Freeper sheeple big time. (CNN):

Former New York City Mayor Rudolph Giuliani said Sunday he will contemplate next year whether to run for president in 2008.

“I will be considering it next year,” Giuliani said during a visit to Denmark. But he added that playing with the idea of running for the Republican nomination for president did not mean he would actually do it.

“Sometime you warm up and get ready and you don’t get in and pitch,” he told reporters, in a baseball analogy.

As expected, there was a bumper crop of bad feelings in Freeperland.

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“I think he’d make an excellent President…of Canada.”

“I would say Mexico. Clean up the corruption and crime, and make Mexico livable like he did to New York City. It will also cut down on illegals crossing the border.”

“If he does run for Prez, I’ll freeze my butt off in Iowa helping whomever can stop him. The last thing I want is to have to decide between a pro-abortion, pro-gay Democrat and a pro-abortion, pro-gay Republican.”

“Stay out of Ft. Marcy Park.”

“IMO, he stands a very good chance of being the nominee and will be a very strong candidate, mainly because of the distasteful alternative of having Hilda be the Democrat’s candidate.”

“I think he’d make a great POTUS. He’s not a textbook conservative, but he’s a leader.”

“Doubt Rudi can get the GOP nomination, but if he does, conservatives will flee the party in droves.”

“I like Guiliani, but I would never vote for him for President. No way. I just would either vote third party, write in a name, or not vote at all. I have a new policy on voting. I vote my consience no matter what. If both candidates are unacceptable, then I vote for neither. I don’t care what it does to the party as a whole. That kind of voting ensures that the party will move left. Guiliani would nominate liberal judges, or at least a so-called moderate. I will not be a part of that.”

“Yeah, Mexico would be great. Canada needs a social conservative.”

“I also like Giuliani, but NOT for president. He is very, very, very pro-abortion, further out on that limb than most Democrats.”

“Anti gun That’s all the information I need.”

“And where are they going to go? There won’t be any viable candidates in the Libertarian Party until.. well, I doubt ever. They sure as hell won’t vote for a Dem.”

“Are you saying this as a way of persuading them not to vote LP (or CP)? I doubt it will work. The only thing that will is for the GOP to shape up.”

“Given the alternative of Hitlery, I’ll door bell my frozen arse off in Alaska for Rudy if he is the chosen GOP one.”

“Exactly why AP admits he’d beat Hilly. They promote a lib RINO because many of us couldn’t hold our nose and vote for him.”

“I’m all for Giuliani being Senator or Governor of NY. I don’t live there…. just not President.”

“Yep, too much power for any liberal, no matter what letter he has after his name.”

“9/11 is going to seem a very long time ago when 2008 rolls around.”

“If the best the GOP can do is Rudy, then why do conservatives even bother. Great mayor of New York City. Terrible, terrible choice for president.”

“Besides if President Bush gets a couple more supreme court nominations and appoints conservatives, the abortion questions will be come moot. But the gun question won’t.”

“For most of the country 9/11 already seems “a very long time ago” and that’s part of the problem. He needs to run against Hillary in 2006. Without a political platform, how will she make the jump to the Oval? The governorship of NY is also up next year. She’d be frozen out.”

“Let’s see… Bush 41, Bob Dole, Bush 43… conservatives are really doing well with the GOP! Rudy would be a horrible choice but, I face facts: no matter who the money bags anoint for us to ‘choose’ in the primary, it’ll be a crappy candidate. My fear is that we’ll continue to move left thanks to W’s “Compa$$ionate Con$ervati$m.””

“If he gets the nomination, it will be the first time I voted Third Party, yes, even if he is running against Hill-Billary Clintoon.”

“Very well said! I haven’t fled the republican party as of yet… but I’m getting close.”

“Thanks for helping NY Rudy..but thanks.”

“This thread is truly depressing. When a group of committed patriots like the good people of this forum are willing to risk the election of a Left Wing President, someone unwilling to defend this nation at a time of War, then we as a country are probably doomed to be a sad footnote on the scrap heap of history.

The nation is already in deep trouble as some 20-30 percent of the population are European-type COWARDS who will not do what it takes to guarantee the continued existence of this nation. That’s bad enough. But when good and decent folk like the posters on this site are unable, or unwilling, to recognize the danger they advocate by supporting a third party candidate at a time like this, then I fear my children will have no future, or at the very least, they will inherit a country that has been beaten into submission by the forces of evil in the Islamic World.

At the risk of sounding dramatic, what will you say to yourselves when Hillary Clinton sits in the White House, and inspired by her retreat in the War on Terror, Islamo-Fascists bring about 1 Million “retroactive abortions” in the form of a nuclear device? Dead men have no principles my friends, and at this time, electing the wrong President could mean catastrophic results for this nation.

Reading this thread has been even more depressing than reading DU or Kos…your inflexibility will eventually lead to the downfall of this nation as you allow 5th Columnists like Hillary and her ilk to run this country!”

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