The Good German

Hugh Hewitt, thinking inside the box as usual:

Earlier I posted my reaction to the nomination of Harriet Miers. Some very good friends of mine are disappointed, like Peter Robinson. Other very serious conservative thinkers on matters involving the SCOTUS are disappointed, like Mark Levin.

These two, and many others, are conservative warriors. They don’t shrink from a fight. In fact, they’d like one on the issue of the SCOTUS nomination process. I think they’ll end up getting that fight, and on this nomination. The more we learn about Harriet Miers, the more certain we become of her character and future value on the Supreme Court.

James Dobson endorsed Harriet Miers today. Jay Sekulow endorsed Harriet Miers today. Add their endorsements to those of the president, Dick Cheney, Karl Rove and numerous other Administration officials. Yes, I wanted Judge Luttig or Judge McConnell, but the president wanted Miers, and I don’t for a minute believe it is because of friendship, but because of W’s understanding of the importance of the Court.

Of course Hugh’s trust in George Bush is legendary.

Link courtesy of Rox Populi

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