I guess we’ll all have a lot to say about Harriet Miers later on in the week (like, for example, her strong affinity for eyeliner which leads me to believe that I saw her at a Cure concert once), but I was surprised to see her announcement come on the first day of work for the Roberts Court. Get used to hearing ‘the Roberts Court‘, you’re going to hear it for the next twenty years or so unless the revoluti-

Well, never mind that.

What I do see is a nominee who only seems to appeal to George Bush. The conservatives didn’t get their firebreather and the liberals got someone with no paper trail which seems to be the order of the day, as it seems that no one has the courage of their convictions (see: Roberts, John).

Hell, even Wonkette can’t seem to work up a buttsex comment about her.

Not that we would want one, mind you.

(I see that I’m not the only one to notice the eyeliner abuse)

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The Chimp's pick for SCOTUS is Harriet Miers



Yeah. Like I would tell you....