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Our good friends Jo Fish from Democratic Veteran and Fixer from Alternate Brain got together with a bunch of other veterans and formed a blog called Main and Central, with a focus on veterans and active military people from a lefty perspective.

I always love reading Jo’s and Fixer’s blogs because their background gives them unique insight into the lives of service people and how they are being affected by current government policy (which is mostly made by chickenhawks who only know how to send other people to war). Plus they both have great eyes for stories and they write like king hell bastards (and I mean that in the best, most manly Hunter Thompson-esque way). I have no doubt it will be a blockbuster of a blog.

So be a patriot today, go check ’em out and leave some juicy comments. Oh and cuss a lot. It’ll make ’em rowdie.

(Before anyone asks, that’s a Robert Capa photo of the landing on Omaha beach.)

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Jane Hamsher

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