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Tidmus designs a new logo for Lapdog Tony's Labour Party

Leave it to Mike Tidmus to come up with a new identity for Tony Blair’s Labour Party that fits its rightward, Bush *ss-kissing turn.

As part of his ongoing efforts to Republicanize Britain’s Labour Party and simultaneously shore up British support for troubled US President George W Bush, Prime Minister Tony Blair unveiled Labour’s recently redesigned logo and catchy new slogan (depicted above) on the closing day of the party’s annual conference in beautiful seaside Brighton.

The introduction of Labour’s new logo was roundly greeted with near-universal derision, led by the highly-alliterative Mrs Ima Savant, former Member of Parliament for Humping-Upon-Legg, who promptly denounced the graphic as “pure poodle poo!”

The Labour Party, in certain circles derided as the Blair Bitch Project, instituted Gestapo-like security measures at the party’s annual get-together, and summarily tossed an 82-year-old, anti-war campaigner out on his, as the Brits so eloquently put it, arse.

[More on that story in this Blend post.]

Labour’s new look bears a striking similarity to this …

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