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Bennett's 'abort every black baby' comment not going over well

“…you could abort every black baby in this country, and your crime rate would go down.”

Ya think? I posted yesterday about the above infamous statement made on his radio show. It looks like the media actually picked up this one. I thought it was going to die a quick death. From Media Matters, a list of who’s not backing up Gamblin’ Man now that the sh*t has hit the fan.

* McClellan quoted in AP: “The president believes the comments were not appropriate” 

* Freakonomics author responds to Bennett 

* Washington Post: Bennett Under Fire for Remark on Crime and Black Abortions 

* ABC News: William Bennett Defends Comment on Abortion and Crime 

* AP: Senator Demands Bennett Apology for Remark 

* Sen. Harry Reid calls on Bennett to “apologize for racial remarks” 

* Rep. Pelosi: Former Secretary Bennett Must Apologize for Appalling Remarks 

* DNC Chairman Dean “Calls on Republican Leadership to Repudiate Bill Bennett’s Racist Remarks”

* Rep. John Conyers demands Salem Radio take action on Bennett 

* Sen. Barack Obama: Bennett’s statement “crossed the line” 

* Rep. Bobby Rush responds to Bennett 

* National Urban League condemns Bennett’s comments 

* Leadership Conference on Civil Rights Calls for Bennett’s Radio Program to Be Pulled 

* NAACP: Bennett Should Apologize for Racial Remarks 

* PFAW: Toxic Rhetoric from Culture Warrior Bennett 

* Salon: Mehlman should ask Bennett to ‘shut up’ 

* Bennett cited Katrina aftermath, Swift’s “A Modest Proposal” as inspiring his comments; ABC’s Tapper noted that Bennett “did not seem particularly apologetic”

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