For Super Stigmata Action&#153 push circle, circle, square, square, triangle while holding down L2

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Jesus is my PS2 controller.

Sony has sparked a bit of controversy across the ocean today as they have released a new advertisement in Italy that ties the PlayStation to Jesus Christ

The ad celebrates 10 years of Sony, as the original PlayStation launched 10 years ago. It features a young man’s face, encircled by what appears to be a crown of thorns, but on closer inspection is actually the square, circle, and triangle shapes of the PlayStation controller. The caption underneath the picture reads “Ten Years of Passion,” an obvious allusion to the Passion of Christ.

A little tip for those playing at home: there is an easter egg hidden in the game (PS2 Jesus Christ: Soulreaper from EA Sports) right after the crucifixion cut-scene in Level 32 but you don’t want to open it because your first-person Jesus disappears and then you have to start all over even though you saved your game and your immortal soul earlier.

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