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Wyoming pharmacists may be allowed to refuse to dispense AIDS meds

First birth control pills, now this. If you have a religious or moral problems dispensing legal, life-saving medications, don’t be a f*cking pharmacist. How hard is that? (

The Wyoming Board of Pharmacy is considering the rule change amid pressure by conservative groups opposed to the sale of contraceptives and birth control pills. But, the regulation could be used to deny service in many other areas critics charge.

“It is so broad, that any pharmacist with any personal belief that is contrary to any particular drug is allowed to refuse to fill a legal prescription,” Pamela Reamer Williams, director of the Casper-based Wyoming AIDS Project told the Star-Tribune. “Health care professionals are supposed to help. They’re not supposed to judge.”

Currently, pharmacists are allowed to refuse to dispense a drug if they think a prescription may harm a patient or if the patient is being overmedicated. But Wyoming law is silent on moral conflicts. Reamer Williams said that the rule change could allow druggists to turn away people they thought were gay.

“It’s no secret to any of us that there are people in this state who have religious and moral objections to homosexuality, and it’s not just homosexuals in this state or anywhere else that are living with AIDS,” Reamer Williams told the paper.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding