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What he said…about DeLay and Dems

Oliver Willis says exactly what I was thinking about this DeLay meltdown — the Dems are media-AWOL on what should be a slam-dunk marathon of discussion on the MSM tying the GOP and the Chimp admin to corruption.

I think it’s because the Democrats simply do not understand the media, and have been completely clueless about how to play the press since President Clinton left office. Democrats simply believe that we still exist in an environment where someone can simply be left out in the press, to be savaged by the actual facts. Wrong.

That is simply not how the media works today, and I don’t know how many times I have to say it. The way the media works today is that the press simply sits there in the middle, dumb and oblivious and pliable. For Democrats to be effective, they must have a presence in the media beyond a press release.

O-Dub’s theory, which plays itself out time and again (think the Kerry non-rapid response campaign), is that Democrat don’t want to be viewed as partisan. He’s right. They are full of BS, afraid of their own shadows. Such ball-less dweebs. The Right was all over Clinton over a blow job, and Dems can’t make hay out of this? Look at what was handed to them on a silver platter — and it has nothing to do with being partisan, as Oliver points out:
* District Attorney Ronny Earle has prosecuted more Democrats than Republicans
* Earle has been re-elected numerous times by the people of Texas
* DeLay was indicted by a grand jury in the state of Texas, made up of regular American citizens

Any Dem with a pulse should be able to capitalize on this. If you toss in the FEMA fiasco, the Cat Killer’s insider trading, and the billions getting flushed down the toilet with no-bid contracts to the Chimp’s friends and “base” in both the War on Terror and the post-hurricane Gulf Restoration Project, it’s simple. The GOP is rife with corruption — that can be explained and understood by the average American. Dems, wake the heck up.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding