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Nancy Goldstein: The Vatican's bold new witch hunt

Nancy’s latest Raw Story column is a worthy read (and that’s before I got to the cite of the Blend at the end – thanks, Nancy!). She covers the litany of recent Vatican transgressions and ballsy moves to cover its tracks.

Surely we can count on the Vatican to make restitution for the damage done to thousands of innocent children and their trusting parents through a combination of repentance, financial restitution, punishment where appropriate, and a thorough examination of what went wrong at the highest levels of the church.

Um… Would you settle for a witch-hunt against gay seminarians in the US instead?

I hope so, because that’s all you’re going to get. In a move uncannily reminiscent of a certain American leader who responded to Osama Bin Laden’s terrorist attack by invading an uninvolved but oil-rich country, the Vatican has decided to avoid addressing its real problem — pedophile priests and widespread corruption throughout its leadership — by taking a page from the Inquisition playbook.

Better targets,” as Rumsfeld would say.

Who cares that homosexuality is not what motivates men to have sex with 10-year-old boys any more than heterosexuality is what motivates men to rape women? So what if the vows of celibacy should, and for many years did, render moot the question of sexual identity in the church?

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding