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'Lapdog' Blair's goons throw 82-year-old party member out of conference

“It was a dreadful overreaction by the stewards, who were understandably concerned about security.”

— Health Secretary Patricia Hewitt

“The stewards behaved completely inappropriately.”

— Liam Byrne, Parliamentary Under Secretary of State for Care Services

“The treatment was … tactless and unnecessary.”

— Linda Riordan, MP for Halifax

“The Labour Party reserves the right to remove people who cause a persistent disturbance.”

–Labour party spokesperson

“It’s heavy handed for people to be ejected”

— John Austin, MP

Guess Bush’s puppy decided to sic his borwn shirt bouncers on a fellow Labour Party member that dare speak out against Blair’s war policy. The elderly man only got up and said the word “nonsense” to get his poor ass hauled out. (Independent):

The Labour Party was forced to make a humiliating apology to an 82-year-old party member last night after he was thrown out of the conference for heckling Jack Straw.

Walter Wolfgang, a party member for 57 years, was bundled out of the conference hall by stewards after shouting “nonsense” as Mr Straw, the Foreign Secretary, defended Britain’s role in Iraq. He was later stopped under anti-terrorist powers as he tried to re-enter the hall.

The heavy-handed treatment of Mr Wolfgang revived criticism of the ” control freakery” associated with New Labour and even drew comparisons with the way the Communist leaders in Russia and China stifled dissent.

Mr Wolfgang fled Nazi Germany as a teenager for the freedom of Britain. He said: “I shouted out ‘nonsense’. That’s all I said. Then these two toughies came round and wanted to manhandle me out. ‘I said: ‘Do you want me to leave? I will leave, you don’t need to manhandle me.’ “Physically, I am not too well, so I said I would follow them.”

Talk about control freaks; lapdog Tony has picked up some tricks (did Bush have to feed him some tasty biscuits as he was training him) about crowd control and protecting deluded government stooges and himself from hearing any dissent or negative news.

In what Tony Blair’s anti-war critics have called the “don’t mention the war” conference, the party avoided a separate debate and vote on Iraq and the Prime Minister made only a short reference to the issue in his keynote speech. Mr Blair also blocked a motion for the conference to pay tribute to Robin Cook, the cabinet minister who resigned over the war and died in August.

Steve Forrest, the chairman of the Erith and Thamesmead Labour Party, was also ejected for protesting at Mr Wolfgang’s treatment. Angry delegates demonstrated at the removal of the two men as Mr Straw made an unapologetic defence of British policy in Iraq.

… Mr Forrest said: “I literally said ‘hear, hear’ twice. Later, this gentleman shouted ‘nonsense’. It was just the voicing of an opinion and they grabbed hold of him. I said: ‘You leave him alone, he is an old man’ and five stewards pulled me out of the centre. They’ve taken my pass away and they won’t let me back into the conference centre.”

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