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Kirk Cameron on how to accost people for Jeebus

You know, if “Mike Seaver” came up to me on the street and got in my face babbling that I needed to be saved, I may have to open a can of Pam’s Whoop-AssTM on him. It’s one thing to have folks dropping literature off at your door to spread the word, but Kirk is broadcasting training on how to ambush people on the street to witness to them.

The co-host of a popular television show which teaches biblical methods of evangelism says believers can overcome fear when it comes to sharing the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Kirk Cameron is co-host of “The Way of the Master” with evangelist Ray Comfort. The weekly half-hour program features evangelism training and video clips of actual street witnessing. Cameron says believers must witness in word and in deed. He acknowledges that most people do not want to appear pushy or offensive when it comes to sharing the gospel; and as a result, he says, many remain silent, choosing instead to just “live the life.”

Instead of relying on marketing methods to attract people, Cameron says the true gospel needs to be emphasized. And people respond to a proper use of God’s law when witnessing, he says.

Taking graphics submissions on what a can of Pam’s Whoop-AssTM might look like…

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