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A must-read dual series on black homo-bigot pastors

House Blender Jennifer of Intous pointed me to the slamming parallel blogging this week by Keith Boykin and Jasmyne Cannick to out homophobic black ministers in a five-part series. Keith launched the series on Monday with:

We’re tired of the hypocrisy and divisive “Christian” rhetoric that too many black pastors are spreading, and we’re tired of these same ministers selling out their pulpits to the highest bidder.

From New York to Los Angeles, black LGBT people have been the backbone of the black church. Through this network, we’ve discovered that many homophobic black pastors lead secret lives outside the church. We’re not naming any names, yet, but if you know something to help us confirm the information from our sources, we’d like to know.

They have put so much into the series that you must go to their blogs to read the whole thing. I’m just putting a tasty sampling of you’ll find there.

So far this week, Jasmyne has taken on some of the most homophobic pastors imaginable, and we all know that many are on the faith-based take. Here’s who she’s served up on the platter…

* Bishop Eddie Long of New Birth Baptist Missionary in Atlanta, Georgia. Memorable quote: “Woman is the soul of man. She is his flesh consciousness. In essence, God made Eve to help Adam replenish the earth. Woman has the canal…everything else is an exit. God had to separate Adam and Eve where they connected so he could tell them to reconnect in covenant to duplicate Him. In Christ, God puts his seed in us. Any other way is a spiritual abortion. Cloning, Homosexuality and Lesbianism are spiritual abortions. Homosexuality is a manifestation of the fallen man.”

* Bishop Noel Jones of Los Angeles (brother of Grace Jones). Fun fact from Jasmyne: Last November, Bishop Noel Jones traveled to Jamaica to tell the Jamaican people not to bow to pressure from American gay rights activists to change their anti-gay laws. Divorced for about 10 years, Bishop Jones is living out his Christianity as a single man. Something to think about — Jones is known to socialize with self-proclaimed ex-gay Donnie McClurkin (R).

* Bishop Paul Morton of the Full Gospel Baptist Church in New Orleans. Memorable quote: “You don’t try to put 2 plugs or 2 sockets together. I want some folk to get deliverance. You ain’t got no socket rubbing up against another socket talkin’ ’bout ‘come on light my fire!’ It ain’t gon light! We need to break the curse ’cause even some of these older women are attacking some of these younger women and placing them in this lifestyle. That’s why you can’t even walk right when you doin’ that stuff. You hurtin’ ’cause it ain’t natural.”

* Creflo Dollar of World Changers Church International in College Park, Georgia. Memorable quote: “When you begin to legislate policies and you take it past its designed intent and boundaries, you’re going to end up in perversion.” Fun fact from Jasmyne: Rev. Dollar preaches a ministry of prosperity, and he was one of a a handful of black ministers who joined with controversial conservative Lou Sheldon to declare their support for President Bush’s Faith-Based Initiative.

Keith’s got high-profile homo-haters up this week at his pad as well. Here’s a sampling of the bigots in the pulpit on his site.

* T.D. Jakes of The Potter’s House & T.D. Jakes Ministries. He’s Bush’s best bud, showing up to provide some color (or is that cover) when he met with Katrina survivors. He supported FMA. Memorable quote: “To date, I have not seen scriptural authority that allows me to stand on behalf of God and say I now pronounce you husband and husband, and wife and wife. This is an issue the government is undecided about. The Bible is not.” Fun fact from Keith: Jakes has also adopted another part of the presidential philosophy: his lifestyle. Jakes and his congregation refer to his wife Serita as “the first lady,” and they live in a $1.7 million mansion on Dallas’s scenic White Rock Lake next to a building once owned by oil magnate H.L. Hunt.

* Willie Wilson of Union Temple Baptist Church in D.C.: Blenders know this man all too well for his homo-baiting from the pulpit. It’s hard to pick just one quote, so here’s two. Memorable quotes: “When you get down to this thing, women falling down on another woman, strapping yourself up with something, it ain’t real. That thing ain’t got no feeling in it. It ain’t natural.”

“Any time somebody got to slap some grease on your behind, and stick something in you, it’s something wrong with that. Your butt ain’t made for that. You got blood vessels and membranes in your behind. And if you put something unnatural in there, it breaks them all up. No wonder your behind is bleeding.”

* Gregory Daniels of Greater Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church in Chicago. Fun fact from Keith and memorable quote: A self-identified Republican and supporter of President George W. Bush, Daniels made headlines in February 2004 when he told the New York Times, “If the KKK opposes gay marriage, I would ride with them.” Yes, that’s a black minister who said that.

* Bishop Charles Blake West Angeles Church of God In Christ, and second in command of the national body of Church of God In Christ (C.O.G.I.C.). Memorable quote: “the homosexual practices of same-sex couples are in violation of religious and social norms and are aberrant and deviant behavior. We believe that these unions are sinful and in direct violation of the law of God in that they are a deviation from the natural use and purpose of the body.”

UPDATE: Here is Friday’s excerpt from Keith and Jasmyne as they ask the question — Is Donnie McClurkin Still Gay?

* Donnie McClurkin, 46-year-old unmarried gospel singer and preacher at Perfecting Faith Church in New York. Fun facts: A Bush supporter, McClurkin performed for the President at the Republican National Convention last year. “There is a moral aspect that was overwhelmingly a part of Bush’s appeal,” said McClurkin, who also appeared in Michigan with Bush during the campaign.

Shortly after, he’s quoted on the Christian Broadcasting Network’s (Pat Robertson’s organization) Web site saying: “I’m not in the mood to play with those who are trying to kill our children.”

So now gays are trying to kill children. That’s completely absurd and there’s no proof to validate that statement.

I think the following portion by Keith and Jasmyne really sums up this list of hypocrite losers in the pulpit.

Listen to what Donnie McClurkin himself says about his sexuality. “There was a big 20-year gap of sexual ambiguity where after the rape my desires were toward men, and I had to fight those things because I knew that it wasn’t what we were taught in church was right. And the older I got, the more that became a problem, because those were the first two sexual relationships that I had. Eight years old and 13 years old. So that’s what I was molded into. And I fought that. When I tell you from eight to 28, that was my fight — in the church. And you were in an environment where there were hidden, you know, vultures I call them, that are hidden behind frocks and behind collars and behind — you know, reverends and the deacons, and it becomes a preying ground, a place where the prey is hunted, and that was what it was like.”

McClurkin basically describes a world in which homosexuality is common in the church community. Something we have been trying to tell you from day one in our campaign. The Black church is the most homophobic and homotolerant.

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