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The Many Faces of Bob Woodward

bobwoodward.jpgJanuary, 2005 (and cited by Patrick Fitzgerald in his memorandum in support of sending Judith Miller on Pruno Patrol):

Woodward, an assistant managing editor at the Post, agrees that confidential sources should be used only for important matters and clearly thinks the Plame matter didn’t meet that test. "This is not the Pentagon Papers," Woodward dryly observes. "It’s not the case you’d choose to make law on."

Tuesday night:

"People can do their jobs without sending reporters to jail," Woodward said. "Reporters shouldn’t have to risk jail giving representation. That happens in banana republics, China and Russia, and that should not happen here.

Unka Karl says your check’s in the mail, Bob.Who ever looked at this guy and said to themselves, I see Redford?

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