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The Dark Wraith on Man-Breasts

While Blenders were chatting up about Jeffy Lube’s newly sprouted breasticles, The Dark Wraith was doing some serious blogging about a British report on the rise in man breasts over at Big Brass Blog.

This is not the same as the better-known he-stuff sported by heavy-set and sedentary men who have excessive upper torso body fat deposits resulting from obesity or near-obesity. Men afflicted by gynaecomastia literally develop the glandular tissue characteristic of females. Corrective surgery involves sucking out the fat that has developed (a procedure popularly known as “liposuction”), as well as cutting out the female glands that have pathologically taken root. In essence, the procedure is a highly restrictive form of cosmetic mastectomy, although prophylactic considerations, as noted below, may be included in the decision to carry out the breast-reduction surgery.

Someone should email this critical information to the Bulldog pronto.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding