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Open thread – and gay day as DeLay steps down

DeLay with Roy Blunt (MO), who’s taking DeLay’s place as majority leader instead of homo Dreier (r), who had his invitation to lead withdrawn just a bit ago…

[UPDATE: Freeper commentary added…]

[UPDATE 2: CNN reports that Dreier is now relegated to “helper bee” shuffling the Repug legislation on the House floor; Congressman Roy Blunt is in. Sounds like Davey just got a taste of anti-gay discrimination – up close and personal…]

Contribute your thoughts on Tom (“The indictment is a sham”) DeLay and the fun news below. Who knew there would be a homo spin to this story?

It was thought that Denny Hastert would recommend big old outed self-loathing homo Rep. David Dreier of California temporarily replace DeLay as Majority Leader, but alas, he was passed over for some reason. Maybe it had to do with some of this information about the California representative…

According to Raw Story, Dreier has repeatedly voted against gay rights measures, and at least three MediaNews Group newspapers are said to have instructed its reporters not to ask questions about the congressman’s sexuality or how it relates to public policy.

This bigot voted for the original DOMA in 1996 and a measure that banned gays from adopting in D.C. It’s no surprise then that Dreier has a 92 percent favorability rating from the Christian Coalition.

Mike over at blogACTIVE reminds us that:

David Dreier was a recipient of a blogACTIVE Roy Cohn Award for being a gay man who worked against gay people. Now, in his newly visible role, provided the House elects him, David Dreier will be in a position to finally put the Federal Marriage Amendment, which he opposed, to bed.

No reaction from radical right groups yet on Hastert’s pick — we’re assuming that he didn’t check in with the Family Research Council’s ok on this.

Here’s a look at the original Roy Cohn Award given to Rep. Dreier by blogACTIVE last year.

This last bit from Mike kills me:

If Delay is “The Hammer,” perhaps David could be called “The Pounder.” Hmmm, on second thought, maybe “The Poundee,” is a better call here — not that there’s ANYTHING wrong with that.

To continue to add to the pile-on, John at AmericaBlog flashes back to the 2004 GOP Convention when Dreier refused to answer a direct question from Mike Signorile about whether Dreier was heterosexual. Ha ha ha ha. John:

I wonder how the religious right is feeling just about now? They can kiss their anti-gay constitutional amendment goodbye, and much more. If the religious right doesn’t think we can pressure Dreier to stop their anti-gay crap, then they really haven’t been reading up on their gay agenda. 🙂

You asked for Freeper response to Delay/Dreier, well here you go…

Actual Freeper Quotesâ„?

“Sad day. I hope he’s cleared, but don’t know the facts.”

“….aren’t they jumping the guy a little bit on DeLay who’s already said there is nothing to these allegations…..”

The Smoking Gun

“Well I’ve always said, “if” is the biggest word in the dictionary. We’ll just have to wait and see…”

“Yep. It was political but it doesn’t matter. DeLay’s out of action.”

“”Oh goody, another “honest” politician leading us. These people never learn. /sarcasm still on.” Don’t you know a Republican politician can’t be a crook? 😉 We’ll see how it goes but personally I see this as poetic justice for Delay’s recent statement that all the fat has been cut from the budget, etc. One of the most politically stupid and insulting statements I’ve seen in a while. On the other hand, maybe this shows he’s got an insanity defense…”

“IMHO it’s pure vendetta because Tom DeLay has been so effective! A blind man could have seen this coming. A totally political attack by a crooked RAT, and the MSM will love it. DeLay will be totally cleared, but the MSM will barely mention that part.”

“So the bastards can take down any legitimate congressional leader just by hitting them with bs charges? Sounds like a load of horse**** to me.

“As much as this seems to smell, it may be a good thing in the long run. Hopefully the MSM will run with it for a long time and along with Katrina it will keep the spotlight off the next supreme court nomination – which is REALLY where the liberal power lies. I would love the irony of a frivilous lawsuit helping to create a conservative court.”

“Another DNC funded witch hunt.”

“To be brutally honest with you, I don’t give a rat’s rear hind quarters what party you are in or for, but if you break the law, and jail is warranted, then you go to jail. No one is ABOVE THE LAW. No matter HOW IMPORTANT they may think they are, or how big their britches are, guilty, go to jail! That simple. And I don’t care what party they are in.”

“As a former Texan (please Texans help me out here), I know that Ronnie Earle, the dim DA in liberal Travis County – been there for 18-20 years I believe – has traditionally used his office to file spurious charges against pub pols – mostly they end up amounting to nothing. Just fishing, trying to make trouble etc. As the DA of the county that contains the state capital, Earle has way too much power and he abuses it.”

“In this case, we probably shouldn’t take any chances, so let’s just string him up and then we’ll wait and see if he really did it….”

“And the same old Freepers will run for the hills! LOL, they complain and lecture the GOP?”

“…let the chips fall where they may and we’ll learn the truth. I suspect this is going to be a Raymond “Can You Tell Me Where to Pick Up My Reputation” Donovan witch hunt by a RAT prosecutor…I’ve always wondered how RATs escape the political process?”

“Appears the TX Chicken RATS been waiting for this since 2001 when they ran for cover because they didn’t want a quorum in the state legislature to plan redistricting, and they blamed their problems on DeLay then.”

“Payback is painful. DeLay almost singlehandedly locked in the Republican majority in Congess by his redistricting effort in Texas. This is sour grapes for the Dems. More chicken-sh*tted stuff rather competing on the issues. DeLay is a strongwilled, go for the jugular Republican not a weak-kneed appologetic Republican. That makes him a target. Drier is a better face for the Republicans anyway. He’ll win more votes.”

“Why don’t you wait until the trial before you throw him to the wolves. It’s incredibly easy to get a Grand Jury indictment. Look at Earle’s success (none) in these partisan witch hunts and then tell me you believe DeLay will be convicted. I’ll bet you dollars to doughnuts he’ll be acquitted. Meantime the MSM will have a field day with this.”

“I’m mo
re confident since he stepped down. e doesn’t appear to be hiding, and he isn’t putting himself before the par”

“Oh yes, David Drier is a great conservative… Sheesh, do I need to say ((sarcasm))??”

“r face for the Republicans anyway. He’ll win more votes.”

“Think so? Wait until the Dims really start throwing out the rumors about Dreier being gay, and everyone here and in the MSM who is braying in triumph over DeLay’s indictment starts hounding Dreier and calling him a “queer”.”

“Democrats and liberals love gay men. Just ask Barnie Frank.”

“Republicans can be so stupid. Why make Drier the leader? Why not some anoymonous likeable tax cutting Republican Congressman without a spot on his record? Its like we continually want bad publicity.”

“Check out and for the answer. They both say David and his COS partner have been bad little boys.”

“Apart from the fact that he’s rumored to be gay and has lived with his Chief of Staff for a number of years…”

“Have you lived under a rock for the past ten years? Dreier has had PLENTY of face time on talking head shows and was the Chair of GOPAC for quite a while. From what I understand, he is the typicaly California Republican . . . pretty conservative fiscally, more of a moderate on social issues.”

“DREIER? Oh God, there goes any last vestige of backbone the House GOP might have had. Expect amnesty for illegal aliens and worse out of this buffoon.”

“Is seom part of the gay lingo?”

“Seeing how the only people who seem to hate Dreier are the Buchanan/Tancredo crowd, he must be a good choice.”

“Care to elaborate on that accusation? You , like many others at FR who supposedly support FRee speech, use hate like dysentery victims use toilet paper.”

“David “Send Us More Illegal Aliens” Dreier. Great choice.

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