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Make your own Jeffy Lube pro-war rally poster

[UPDATE: moving this back up a bit to remind folks to participate in the fun…]

Blender Fritz of On the Fritz has started the ball rolling on “improvements” to Joe Tresh’s photo of the Ho’ Beast “Journalist” of the White House (and, ahem, new columnist at the Washington Blade) at the pro-war rally last Saturday. The original poster reads “Let Our Troops Finish Their Mission.”

Organizers expected 20,000, and only about 400 people showed up, including recently the self-outed “bisexual” Rent Boy. I know, stop laughing…

Fritz’s caption with his little P’shop fun:

“Ugh! I can’t begin to express my complete and utter contempt for this self-loathing freak. I don’t know what disgusts me more — his politics, his slimy personality, or his flabby man-boobs and fat gut. This asshole is a complete loser in every respect.”

Here’s Fritz’s submission (L), and one and from Fritz’s brother.

Here’s one sent in from Blender Sticker-Shock (L), and a howler from Shakes Sis.

Three more from Virtual Pus:

Here’s another from reader D. (L), and Deborah (R).

Here are eight (!) contributions by my favorite ace P’shop wizard, Mike Tidmus:

From Robert in WeHo:

Also: read about JimmyJeff “coming out” as bisexual in my post, “Perhaps the most ridiculous column ever.”


And, for the photographer’s thoughtful take on the roller coaster over this, see Joe Tresh’s blog entry, “Jeff Gannon at Rally for Families, Becomes Liberal Gannon Fodder.”

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