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Why does the Left hate George W. Bush?

I’ve been corresponding with a Writ reader who asks a very poignant question:

I went back to your blog yesterday and read some more. It was very interesting. Since you were kind enough to answer me and send more communication today, I’ll ask you because I trust that you will give a well reasoned response.

George Bush is far from perfect, but why does the left “hate” him so much?

First off, who’s this “the left” I keep hearing reference to?

Second off, “hate” is a strong word. I don’t hate the man. I figure he even might be a swell fella, fun to hoist a brew with while watching a football game.

The proper feeling is “despair”. George W. Bush makes me despair for my country. I can’t speak for everyone on “the left”, but it is my feeling that Bush is the Worst President Ever, a man who never met a corporation he wouldn’t benefit and a little guy he wouldn’t screw over. He is the great and powerful Oz, a sham of a leader acting as the puppet for Grover Norquist, Dick Cheney, Halliburton/Bechtel/KBR, ChevronTexacoExxonMobilShellBP (why don’t they just get the mega merger done already?), EliLillyMerckPfizerBristolMyersSquibb (again…), and the babbling biblical literalists who think the earth is 6,000 years old (dinosaur bones, oil, and all) and the omniscient maker and shaper of the Universe is deeply concerned about what we do with our pee-pees.

Or, as one of blog friends on “the left” (Days) so elequently puts it:

By any objective standard, this administration is a dismal failure and has made a mockery of all the things I love about America. Things like fair elections, habeus corpus, privacy, separation of church and state, care for the less fortunate, protecting our homeland, respecting the environment, curbing the power of corporations, standing for human rights, transparency in government, respect for our military, and so many many more. Bush is steering our country back to the pre-New Deal rich-man’s playground of the Robber Baron era, while simultaneously squandering any post-9/11 worldwide goodwill and alienating what few allies we have left.

But I will say one thing good about Bush: he never got oral sex from an intern and lied about it to America.

(Huge hat tip to Jed at Days)

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