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'Threats' from Concerned Women for America

The bleating of the wingnuts for Bush to remain hardline on the next SCOTUS pick has me laughing. Do I detect desperation? (AgapePress):

Concerned Women for America is urging President George W. Bush to ignore what it calls the “Left’s predictable threats” to filibuster his next U.S. Supreme Court nominee. The pro-family group says Bush must not allow selecting the right nominee to be jeopardized by partisan threats.

CWA chief counsel Jan LaRue says, “Any nominee who thinks the text of the Constitution should be taken more seriously than a supermarket tabloid is filibuster fodder. It isn’t about the nominee — it’s about the President. And the seven Republicans in the ‘Gang of 14’ need to remember that.” Democrats are demanding their version of a mainstream nominee to replace Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, but LaRue says if Bush’s opponents reject his first pick, he should let them know they will not be seeing any acceptable “moderates.” What is needed, the CWA spokeswoman says, is “another nominee with a strong record that proves it’s the Constitution that must weigh in the balance, not policy-making poorly disguised as judging.” Several outstanding jurists fit the bill, LaRue adds, including Judges Janice Rogers Brown, Emilio Garza, Edith Jones, Michael McConnell, Priscilla Owen, Samuel Alito, and Michael Luttig, to name a few.

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Pam Spaulding

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