…and all of those cats were going to die eventually, too.

Put down the scalpel, Senator… Posted by Picasa

Apparently timing is everything:

Senator Bill Frist on Monday defended his sale of stock in his family’s hospital company at the June peak in its price, saying he had first sought legal and ethical advice about divesting the shares two months earlier.

Mr. Frist, a Tennessee Republican who is considered a likely presidential candidate in 2008, also alluded to future considerations that played into the sale of the shares in the company, the hospital giant HCA.

“Looking ahead at my final years in the Senate and what might come next,” Mr. Frist said, “I have for some time wanted to eliminate even the possibility of an appearance of a conflict by totally divesting.”

A spokesman for Mr. Frist, the majority leader and brother of HCA’s chairman emeritus, disclosed last week that he had received inquiries from the Securities and Exchange Commission and federal prosecutors about the sale, which was completed five days before the company announced disappointing results that sent the stock price down about 10 percent. (my emphasis)

I guess he wasn’t willing to wait for the dead cat bounce.

Really. This shit just writes itself…

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