The comedy stylings of…

I give it one “oh” face, Dick. You can’t
laugh at it and it doesn’t make any sense
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I have admitted many times that I don’t get conservative humor. It’s either hermetically grim and constricted, or it’s all so painfully awkward in that sad bedraggled Mallard Fillmore way that you want to look away so they can’t see the pity in your eyes. So you’ll excuse me if I plead ignorance as to whether this post is supposed to funny or well, just kind of stupid. Okay, not ‘kind of stupid’. Really stupid. Paste-eating stupid.

Oh wait. It’s business humor which is usually only appreciated by administrative assistants who mentally convert all punchlines into “Jesus. What an asshole” while grinning maniacally and saying, “Good one, boss.”

My apologies.

“Good one, boss.”

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