Short-term memory loss

Poor Michelle Malkin. She can never remember from one day to the next which guiding philosophy she is adopting. On 9/24 she writes:

I spent the afternoon at Sheehanapalooza in D.C. under overcast skies, in a haze of hemp-scented paranoia, steeped with fetid Bush hatred. Am uploading a bunch of photos of moonbats in action at my Flickr site. Here’s a sample:

And then she offers a well-winnowed selection of pictures of various “moonbats” including this sneery comment under a picture of a young lady in pink:

A stylish member of Code Pink

…and this one under a picture of a kid who is probably between eight and ten:

Moonbat in training

Fast forward to 9/25 where she is shocked, shocked I tell you, when Bill Maher “slimes the Bushes”:

What Bill Maher did to exploit the smear story on Friday night sunk to a new low.

Watch the entire segment at the liberal site, Crooks and Liars, and look at the gag photo Maher holds up of the First Lady.

Pay close attention to the audience’s reaction. Surprisingly, even some of Maher’s fans were shocked and apparently dismayed at the cheap shot. The gasps from the crowd are notable, but the laughter quickly rebounded and rolled along.

There’s liberalism for you: So civil. So compassionate. Such sensitive champions of women and the weak.

Yeah. Thanks Michelle, we’ll consider the source.

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