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Moderate Repubs promise no 'free pass' on next SCOTUS nominee

The NYT has a story today on Republicans that plan to take a hard line on the next SCOTUS pick, to ferret out any nominee that is too far left or right. Clearly the current political climate has humbled some of these boobs on the fringe and emboldened the few moderates that have been sitting at the back of the GOP bus.

..both socially conservative and more liberal Republican senators say they may vote against confirmation of the next nominee if the pick leans too far to the left or the right on prominent issues like abortion rights.

Any Republican defection could provide cover for Democrats who want to oppose confirmation, protecting them politically in Republican-leaning states. Democrats have vowed to dig in for a tough fight over the nominee to succeed Justice Sandra Day O’Connor because she was a pivotal swing vote on the court.

It is going to be different,” said Senator Lincoln Chafee, Republican of Rhode Island, who is socially liberal and has said he will vote to confirm Judge Roberts. Mr. Chafee said he would apply a more skeptical standard to the next nominee because of the balance of the court and might even oppose a jurist similar to Judge Roberts. “I will be looking very carefully” at the next nominee’s views on privacy rights, “separation of church and state,” and the scope of federal power, he said.

Senator Olympia J. Snowe of Maine, a Republican who supports abortion rights and has said she will vote to confirm Judge Roberts, took a similar view. She previously voted to confirm some of Mr. Bush’s appeals court nominees who met stiff liberal opposition, like Judge Priscilla R. Owen and Judge Janice Rogers Brown, two people said to be on Mr. Bush’s shortlist. But Ms. Snowe said she might not support either one for the Supreme Court.

“This is certainly a different level of evaluation,” Ms. Snowe said, “especially because of the balance of power on the court.”

This news, of course, has set off shrieking in Freeperland. They would love to bite their rotting fangs into Chafee and Snowe. Some even want to sidle up next to Holy Joe Lieberman for support of a conservative nominee.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

Add together Snowe, Chafee, Collins, and Specter, and we’re down to 51 votes. Note that Snowe is telegraphing that the RINO caucus will vote “no” for Priscilla Owen or Janice Rogers Brown. She’s also decided that a “different standard” applies for the Supreme Court, and hence opened the door for a Democratic filibuster of any nominee approved under the “Gang of 14” deal.

But Brown has already been approved by this Congress. Difficult to say that now she’s no good. Snowe be damned. 06 is coming up.

The gray hag never misses an opportunity to drive a wedge between Republicans. Show the world how divided we are….

The President needs to nominate a conservative …. and make it known that with each nominee struck down, the next nominee will even be more conservative!!! Tell them that the first one will be the most moderate… Start with Owen, then go to Rogers Brown, then Luttig. We won this damn election!!!

Sounds to me they are trying to dictate. That is just what the Democrats are trying to do. The President ran on the idea of choosing conservatives and he should stick to it. We have to much judicial activism and now we have legislators trying to circumvent to process and choose for the President.

That’s true but Snowe knows what she is doing when she speaks to the NY Times. I think that she’s making a real threat, and she may have just enough RINO pals to keep an anti-Roe judge off the Court.

As far as I am concerned, Snowe, Collins, Chafee, and Specter are all definite “no” votes against a solid conservative nominee. So it comes down to John McCain, Lindsey Graham, John Warner, George Voinovich, and Mike DeWine. Snowe needs 2 of those 5.

Basically, the Supreme Court Justice will have to pass the “Voinovich Tear Duct Test.” [He cried while opposing the nomination of the ambassador to the United Nations (John Bolton) ]

The NY Slimes lies. This story is an assumption disguised as a fact. Once again, the NY Slimes will try to set an agenda. Expect a FAKE POLL to back up their FAKE STORY within the week.

The bigger problem is that we might need 50 votes to invoke the “nucular” option to stop a filibuster. If Republican Senators like Snowe and Chafee aren’t willing to confirm a nominee, then I don’t see how we get past a filibuster. I just don’t think there are 50 Republican Senators willing to do that over a nominee with total ‘Rat opposition AND some Republican defectors.

The Republican Party in Maine IS NOT and WILL NEVER BE Conservative. We are virtually a one-party State- that’s reality in Maine.

A question we should be asking ourselves for 2006: would our party be in a stronger position WITH 53 votes and WITHOUT Olympia Snowe and Lincoln Chafee, or is it better to have 55 votes and have to listen to this nonsense?

The President ran on the idea of choosing conservatives. Naw he ran on the idea of sticking a stake in the Heart of Reagan’s party. Looks like he might make it. If he has the little demons lined up as well as it sounds.

We can even lose one of the worms from Ohio and have the VP break a tie. The President MUST give us the most conservative person he can find. If this works out right we will have at least one of the nelsons voting with us. If it’s Ben we win big. We’ll beat him anyway and wooden head will be gone because of his vote. This will be close but it need not be a worry. We hold the aces here. All we have to do is act like we do.

Reagan, the great conservative, put O’Conner and Kennedy on the Supreme Court.

Two points: 1. Don’t forget McPain. 2. Specter had to sell his nuclear option soul to Frist to get the Judiciary chairmanship. I cannot believe that he would go against the majority if this comes to a vote. This assumption was the basis I used for arguing in favor of giving Specter the job – even though we all know the guy is a lefty at heart. We need his vote on the nuclear option.

We don’t even know who the nominee is yet. This NY Times article is constructed for the sole purpose of dividing Republicans. If they want to exert pressure on Chaffee and Snowe and their ilk then we must counter with equal pressure on Red State Democrat Senators like Pryor of Arkansas and the Nelsons. We can do it. We have our right-leaning groups that can persuade conservative democrats. We conservativers need to be untied and make sure we let our senators know how we feel. And when the nominee is named, it wouldn’t hurt to send some letters to Lieberman and some other Democrats with a quarter of a brain.

Don’t forget John Warner. He’s retiring in 2008 and will do whatever he feels like. Maybe he can call his ex-girlfriend Barbara Walters over at ABC News for some advice.

I want to tell you that if the RINOS draw a line in the sand on this one, they will lose in a big way. This is not a Republican vs. Democrat issue. This is a life vs. death issue and a Constitution issue. The wrath of conservatives will hit on all side if Snowe, Chafee, Collins and Specter decide this. They will not know what hit them.

Olympia Snowe is the most popular politician in Maine and according to a recent poll has the highest approval rating of ANY Republ
ican Senator. Losing Jeffords was no loss as his voting record was solidly Left. Snowe and Collins and Chafee and Specter and other Moderates do vote with our Party about half the time, and they allow us to run the Committees. Run them all out, and we’d have maybe 40-45 Senators. Snowe isn’t going anywhere.

If you want to reduce her influence, elect more Senators in Red States. Expecting Conservatives in the Northeast is unreasonable and political suicide. Why can’t we get Republican Senators in ND, for example?

Vermont – Leahy and Jeffords.
New York – Chuckie and Shrillary
Mass – Mr. Ed and Ted.
Conn – Lieberman and Dodd.

Maine looks pretty good in comparison. Hell, I might even trade DeWine and Voinovich to Maine to get those gals here. At least we’d never see Olympia cry like a little bitch on the Senate floor.

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