Ralph: {Colloq} puke

That was in 2000. You’re still not forgiven.
Go away.

Let me add my agreement to Steve at NMMNB (eh, I’m feeling lazy) regarding Raph Nader at Saturday’s anti-war rally.

In 2000 Nader managed to first fuck-over the Green Party by pretending to be their savior, and then he fucked over the country with his symbolic candidacy that paved the road for Bush/Cheney. To show up now and protest the war is like an arsonist wandering back to check out the fire engines.

And I don’t want to hear about Gore’s campaign or any of that bullshit noise. It was a close election and Nader didn’t stand any more chance of winning an electoral vote than he would NBA Player of the Year. He used the Greens good name and shit all over it to feed his ego. What I fail to understand is how this man could attract a cult of personality when he clearly lacks the main ingredient.

Fuck Nader. The next time I want to hear his name is in an obituary.

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