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Drop by writer and blogger Leonce Gaiter‘s pad for some really insightful writing. He pointed me to two interesting pieces:

* MLK was Wrong: The Jewish Model, on a rethinking of the civil rights model: “We must free ourselves from the civil rights movement idea that the majority can effortlessly, or organically achieve “colorblindness.” This suggests that being an Afro-American means nothing more than skin color. This is what has allowed conservatives to use the civil rights movement rhetoric AGAINST civil rights for us. The civil rights movement insisted that we were “just like” white Americans, except black. Subtly embedded in this is the idea that there’s something wrong with being ‘unlike.’ ”

* Fags and Witches, on the gay purge by the Vatican: “The Church’s hatred toward gays has nothing to do with religion. The Church is seeking to squash that which it hates. The Church and those like it consider gay men, and gay sex, the ultimate expression of “untamedness.” Thus, they cannot believe that we live in stable relationships and make good parents. To them, freedom from the strictures of heterosexual marriage means chaos and licentiousness. If you’re straight, those bonds can be replaced by the bonds of the priesthood. If you’re gay, however, no bonds are strong enough. For no voice so different from theirs can be allowed to flourish.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding