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No planning

Interstate 45 is jammed with traffic moving at 100 yards an hour.

This morning’s laughably unfunny news was that all those military tanker trucks with gas to help folks stuck on the highway didn’t have the right nozzles to fit civilian vehicles. I sh*t you not. How is it possible no one thought of this before they got on the road?! The Guard had to fly in a 1-inch fuel nozzle.

Really makes you want to move to a coastal city, huh? I think of the Outer Banks of NC, and the evacuation routes there. There are no seven-lane highways to get folks out. If something happened during the height of tourism season in NC, the area would be just as f*cked as what you’re seeing in Houston, even with fewer people in this state out at the beach.

Never mind, of course, if NYC or DC needed to be evacuated for an unplanned event like a terrorist attack. Where’s the plan? People should be asking their state officials and city governments about how ready they are for a mass evacuation for a natural or man-made disaster. I’m sure we wouldn’t like the answer.

I did see a clip on the news this AM that indicated some intelligence at work in Houston. Dr. Sanjay “Papal Fluids” Gupta was interviewing an administrator at a Houston hospital that was prepping for the hurricane. This hospital had:
* generators located throughout the hospital, not just on the ground floor, where they could short out in a flood
* floodgate barriers that close off to keep out rising waters
* plenty of extra fuel to run the generators
* satellite phones so they can communicate when power goes out
* wireless communication devices like PDAs to put medical information on.

It makes you wonder why NOLA hospital administrators weren’t required to think about these, given the city is below sea level.

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