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Wingnut Lou Sheldon unhinged by 'Stealth Homosexual Hate Crimes Bill'

How can anyone take this lunatic seriously?

Lou Sheldon of the Traditional Values Coalition is a whack job who’s a little slow on the uptake. He missed the news about the House passing a hate crimes act in a bipartisan vote last week, and he’s hopping mad.

The homo agenda, it seems, slipped one in on him. Muuwahahahahahahaha…his hysteria is over the f*cking top!

While the nation’s attention was focused on the Judge John Roberts confirmation hearing and on aiding victims of Hurricane Katrina, pro-homosexual forces in the U.S. House of Representatives snuck through a pro-homosexual hate crimes bill by attaching it to legislation designed to protect children from sexual predators.

Democratic Congressman John Conyers (MI) attached as an amendment, the homosexual hate crimes bill known as the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act to the Children’s Safety Act (H.R. 3132) last Wednesday. See how your Congressman voted: GovTrack: H.R. 3132: Children’s Safety Act of 2005 Pro-family groups had no prior notice that this was happening.

… the hate crimes law will add “sexual orientation,” “gender,” and “gender identity” to federally protected categories. “Gender identity” is code for transgenders (individuals who think they are the opposite sex, cross-dressers, or drag queens.) If passed, this legislation will provide federal protection for homosexual behavior, placing anal intercourse on a par with race or religion. It will also be used to normalize drag queens, cross-dressers, transsexuals, and she/males (individuals who choose to remain female from the waist up and male from the waist down with the help of hormones).

…This Kennedy-inspired bill is a threat to free speech, freedom of religion, and association. Homosexuality is a behavior, not a fixed identity. It is similar to smoking or drug use, not an immutable characteristic like race or ethnicity. There are no “former” Hispanics or Caucasians, but there are ex-homosexuals. The existence of ex-homosexuals is clear evidence that homosexuality is behavior-based, not an unchangeable characteristic. It should not receive special minority rights protections in federal law.

The persecution of pastors, therapists, and others will be inevitable if the Kennedy hate crimes legislation is passed.

There we go with the “persecution of Christians” meme again. The Freepi are frustrated that it’s in a bill that they like.

Actual Freeper Quotes™

“Talk about a poison pill. If it doesn’t pass they can claim that “Republicans are soft on sexual predators.””

“They just keep getting what they want.”

“Too bad they wont prosecute the homosexuals, since they must hate themselves to be that way in the first place.”

“Hit their pocketbook and they’ll take notice. What this country calls “leadership” is no more than a sick group of pansies. I truly hope every Represenative who voted for it gets anal intercoursed for their vote.”

“Now this is downright nasty.”

“Time to communicate with those who have some influence with the clowns in DC. I want to know how many Republicans voted for this knowingly. It must be taken off the final bill or President Bush has to veto it, or it’s all over but the shouting.”

“It’s not stealth if we all know about it.”

“Do we all know about it?”

“And, who is responsible for the failure of any advanced noticed on this? The party that controls the House?”

Freep the GOP Reps who voted “aye” on special rights for gays”

“In regards to our last debate about the murdered transvestite: Looks like your soluton of punching the guy in the nose will now become a federal crime. Now these perverts will basically get a free pass to trick drunken men into sodomy.”

“Giant waste of time writing and calling senators. Didn’t they pass this in the previous senate and house never took it up? If it has passed the house, it will sail through this senate. We can sit home in ’06 and put the ones who voted for this out of a job, but there won’t be anybody to vote for to replace them. Don’t think they don’t know it.

And here are some Freeper reactions to the original news, “U.S. House backs hate crime measure protecting gays.”

“I had better get this off my chest now. Against nature, queer, fag, abomination!”

“If I state that I believe homosexuality to be abnormal and an abomination can I be jailed for hate speech? If I say a two parent heterosexual marriage is superior for raising children can I be jailed?”

“When do they start jailing my pastors for reading from the Bible?”

“Homosexuality is a fetish, not a lifestyle.”

“ChiMark you are a homophobe and I support you! Here in MA gays have rights over and above the MAJORITY, what happened to MAJORITY RULES? MA is already okaying sodomy, gay marriage is legal here.”

“I don’t think Bush will sign anything like that.”

“I didn’t think a Pubbie-led House would pass it either.”

So posting the above picture could soon be a federal “hate crime”?
Oh, give me a break…”

“This is BAD, BAD, BAD. Very, very bad. I am disgusted. The House has stood up to this vileness for some time even though the good ol’ boys in the Senate kept shoving it at them. Now the principle-less so-called Republicans have surrendered without a shot being fired. I am steamed, angered, sickened, repulsed, and we need to email, write, call President Bush. He has to veto this. Has to.”

“Yea. I can’t believe I’m reading this story. Guess they had to one up the Judge that threw God out of the pledge today.”

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