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So many lessons to learn in evacuation planning

A Houston resident waits on the road to Dallas as thousands in cars evacuate ahead of Hurricane Rita in north Houston September 22, 2005. Evacuees jammed Texas highways and Louisiana braced for its second major hurricane in less than a month as Rita roared through the Gulf of Mexico on Thursday toward the center of the U.S. oil industry. The path of Rita, downgraded to a Category 4 hurricane when its winds fell to 145 mph, shifted northward and appeared to be headed slightly east of Galveston and Houston, the National Hurricane Center said. REUTERS/Carlos Barria

This is piss-poor planning in Houston, as it was in NOLA, just different mistakes. What brainiac waited until today to open both sides of the highway for outbound traffic? One report had it taking ten hours to go six miles. It’s a mandatory evacuation you dumb*sses. You’ve got people sitting in bus terminals with no way out, and drivers running out of gas in 14-hour traffic jams.

CNN just announced (9:32 PM) that the Mayor of Houston, Bill White has urged people that have not yet left to stay home rather than getting caught in the traffic.

On the air travel front, Houston, we have a problem.

Mayor Bill White says most of the airport’s federal Transportation Security Administration personnel didn’t show up for work today. Those are the security people, including the ones that screen passengers. White says the loss of those essential workers means delays for travelers of possibly four or five hours.

If states don’t work on better planning after these two disasters, citizens will just assume that we’re on our own.

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