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I smell an AmTaliban Amazon boycott in the air…

Woohoo! I hope the wingers waste precious time and effort on trying to punish Amazon, since it won’t have any impact. These folks are just tired and looking silly (and besides, we all know they are buying and using those toys anyway. (AgapePress):

Sex sells — so perhaps that’s why retail Internet pioneer Amazon has quietly expanded its offerings of “adult sex products” over the past few months. That observation comes from — which also wonders if the addition of the new product category under “Health and Personal Care” will be tolerated by Amazon regulars like Toys R Us and Tommy Hilfiger. An Amazon spokeswoman apparently has no problems with the online company’s bid to become perhaps the largest sex-toy store in the world. “It is just another of our selections for customers in all categories,” Patty Smith tells Financial Times. “Whatever you want to buy, you would be able to find it on Amazon.” The retailer’s expansion into the arena of sex products has gone relatively unnoticed, says another report. The San Francisco Chronicle reports Amazon added the new product category “with zero fanfare and zero marketing — and zero apparent intolerant outcry.”

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding