I predict a riot

Sure, Kristinn is a funny name.
But it kept me out of Iraq.
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Another function for the dysfunctional:

Antiwar groups are using a $1 million ad campaign and a demonstration they say will attract 100,000 people to try to re-energize their movement and pressure the Bush administration to bring troops home from Iraq.


Bush did not plan to be in Washington on Saturday, but he will have support on the streets. The groups FreeRepublic.com and Protest Warrior plan their own demonstration on Saturday, with hundreds expected to join in.

“We made a vow after Sept. 11 that we would not allow the anti-American left to do to us this time what they did during Vietnam, which was wear down the morale of the American,” FreeRepublic spokesman Kristinn Taylor said.

Hopefully they’ll make a vow not to kick each other’s asses this time.

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