The Apostasy of St. K-Lo

When Catholic Girls Go Bad Posted by Picasa

No Eucharist for K-Lo this Sunday:

Banning chaste gay men from the priesthood seems like a stop-gap emergency move that concedes that some seminaries are just out of control. So a broad brush line is drawn, for better or for worse. It seems like the kind of thing that if it were going to be done, should have been done when the scandals broke, scandals that made clear what some already had a feel for–that, in fact, some seminaries are out of control. But banning gay men from the priesthood seems like it should be only a shortterm thing. Like proposing a moritoriam (sic) on immigration while getting a handle on enforcement. Same with the seminaries, in my quick laywoman’s view. Clean house, teach the right things. Shape up. Then go back to taking the best men, whomever they are. If you’re a good man who truly vows to be chaste, you will be that straight or not. It’s the no-tolerance for abuse that is key and a complete committment to teaching the basics (and enforcing them)–a road all dioceses don’t quite seem to be on yet.

Later she says this:

If you’re the type of person who will hit on a fellow priest, a male Church-goer, or abuse a child, that suggests there’s something more that’s a problem than that you are gay.

Regardless of what the hell that is supposed to mean, there is a world of difference between someone who would “hit on” someone who is of the age of consent and someone who would abuse a child.

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