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The Heretik takes on a big blogging dog

You must surf over to The Heretik to leave a comment on the post IN VAGINASTAN TODAY, taking on the Lefty blogosphere status quo. Whew — it’s harsh…

Kos, the recently and freely elected King of Penistan, only has the most kindly thoughts for the tribe of Uteri. While the Uteri may think themselves proud citizens of an indepedent Vaginastan, kindly King Kos knows you are but the misguided children of a province of a greater Penistan. All praise to mighty Kos as he swings heaven’s hammer.

With the power of right given to “the left,” kindly and all knowing King Kos shall take heaven’s hammer and a mighty big tent erect with his most excellent exertions.  Many a pole will hold up this great tent for all of Penistan to take comfort in, both the Uteri and the Peni.  But some of the poles should be acknowledged by all as larger and more important than others.

The Heretik has links to other bloggers that are discussing the issue (including my post here); check it out.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding