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Take those homo mags out of the library

“Our children coming into the library have fragile minds. They’re in a critical state of being formed, and they’re vulnerable, sexually confused, and wondering about many things in this period of their life. And this kind of explicit moral debauchery or filth — it’s pornography — has no place in our library or in the minds of our children.”
— “former lesbian” Deb French, who wants “provocative homosexual magazines” out of an Ohio public library

Toss another AmTaliban log on the fire…this time the fuss is about two magazines I’ve not heard of that are poisoning the minds of children. When I looked to find the online versions of these mags, what I found was so tame that you have to wonder what kind of threshold for arousal this chick has? Hmmm. Let this “ex-lesbian” show the way.

A former lesbian who became a Christian is among several residents calling on a local library to remove two provocative homosexual magazines from its shelves. The Board of Trustees for the Upper Arlington Public Library recently voted unanimously to continue displaying and distributing the publications Outlook Weekly and Gay People’s Chronicle.

The decision was made despite the concerns of individuals who object to the sexually explicit content of the two magazines. One such individual is Lancaster resident Deb French, a former lesbian, who believes the publications have been strategically placed in the library by “the enemy” to seduce the young minds of children.

As a former lesbian who is now a follower of Jesus Christ, French feels it is her duty to warn people that homosexuality is anything but a “gay” lifestyle. In fact, she contends, it is a “death lifestyle.” At a recent public forum, the Lancaster resident implored the Upper Arlington Public Library to remove the two offensive magazines from circulation or, at the very least, put them out of children’s eyesight. However, the library’s board refused both options.

French says one of the main reasons she attended the forum was that “this is an issue that’s dear to my heart, because God walked me, personally, out of homosexuality 16 years ago. And I know there’s power to change in Jesus Christ. First Corinthians 6:11 even says, ‘such were some of you.'”

But in spite of the objections of French and other concerned area residents, the Upper Arlington Library Board of Trustees decided to keep both Outlook Weekly and Gay People’s Chronicle in sight and in circulation. The board argued that neither of the two homosexual magazines meets federal obscenity standards.

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