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PA wingnuts: ban Gay-Straight Alliance or face God's wrath

This happened in Little Ricky Santorum‘s state. An unhinged AmTaliban couple mouthed off bible versus and promising disaster would befall their little slice of heaven if the school board continues to allow Gay-Straight Alliances.

They get bonus points using Katrina to bolster their case and for reading propaganda from the American Family Association about “ex-gay” ministries. (Lebanon Daily News):

A local couple addressed the Cornwall-Lebanon school board last night with a demand for the abolition of the high school’s Gay/Straight Alliance, asserting that Hurricane Katrina was retribution for homosexual behavior.

…Carl and Abigail Jarboe claim the alliance encourages homosexuality. “We shouldn’t tell them (students) it’s acceptable behavior. It’s not acceptable behavior,” Abigail Jarboe said.

In their most shocking claim — one that drew dumbfounded stares from the board — Abigail Jarboe suggested that Hurricane Katrina may have been God’s way of punishing New Orleans in advance for a large, homosexual event that was scheduled to held shortly after the storm hit the Louisiana city.

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence,” she said.

The Jarboes, who say their opposition to “sodomites” comes from their strong Christian faith, gave the board several examples of people who have left the homosexual lifestyle in an attempt to prove that being gay is a conscious choice people make.

While the board listened patiently and politely, Carl Jarboe handed out an article from the American Family Association Journal that told the story of a young girl who claimed she stopped being a lesbian after becoming a Christian. The story said that part of the reason the girl became homosexual in the first place was her involvement in an organization that supported homosexual and transsexual youth. “These clubs promote this behavior,” Carl Jarboe said.

Abigail Jarboe continued where her husband left off, citing three individuals she said she has known who have make a choice to stop being gay. She also said the school promotes homosexual activity — which she called an “abomination” — by allowing the Gay/Straight Alliance to exist.

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