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Lynndie England 'did it for love'

Pathetic. Her boyfriend, the sadist bastard Graner, is doing 10 years in prison — and get this — he’s since married another woman that was Graner to ten years in prison earlier this year, and get this — since his incarceration he has married another woman who pleaded guilty in the scandal.

I just don’t want to hear any more about “depraved” gay folks being ruled by their “impulses” from the bible beaters.

Isolated amid the chaos and often bizarre life inside Iraq’s Abu Ghraib prison, Lynndie England posed in now notorious abuse photographs because she loved and trusted the scandal ringleader, her lawyer said at the start of her court-martial.

England, 22, who was pictured holding a leash to a naked Iraqi prisoner, was lured into posing for the photographs that caused worldwide outrage by Charles Graner, the father of her baby, said military attorney Capt. Jonathan Crisp.

“What mattered to her was her relationship to Corp. Graner,” said Crisp, who added that Graner was her superior officer, was 14 years older than England and had worked as a prison guard.

“She thinks: ‘I love him, he loves me, he’s not going to do something to hurt me,'” Crisp said in opening arguments.

The Army reservist faces a maximum penalty of 11 years in jail if convicted on all seven counts on charges of conspiracy, maltreatment of subordinates and indecent acts.

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Pam Spaulding