Someone’s been a bit untidy,
they’ll have it cleaned up in a week.

Dick Cheney’s buddies to be issued “Whoops! My Bad.” forms:

The government wants to quit forcing companies to report small releases of toxic pollutants and allow them to submit reports on their pollution less frequently


EPA said it also plans to ask Congress for permission to require the accounting every other year instead of annually. The EPA’s annual Toxics Release Inventory began under a 1986 community right-to-know law. The first year the change could be possible, if Congress agreed, would be 2008.

“We certainly recognize there will be concerns moving to every other year,” said Kimberly Nelson, EPA’s assistant administrator for environmental information. “Every community will still have the same information about the types of toxic releases. They just won’t have some of the details in terms of how that particular substance was managed or released.”

Independent Sen. James Jeffords of Vermont called the proposal “a frontal assault” on one of the nation’s most successful environmental laws.

And it’s not like the chemical companies were crying about the burden of reporting:

Some big chemical companies said complying with the annual toxic inventory is not a problem for them.

“We are so in compliance it’s not funny,” Andrew Liveris, president of The Dow Chemical Company, told the AP. “We’ve adjusted to it many years ago.”

So this is just Christmas come early.

And there is nothing like have an accidental toxic spill and not telling people the “details” until a year or two after the fact. Who knew that the “Protection” in the EPA’s name meant protecting the polluters or at least their profits.

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