Give a man a fact and he can post for a day.
Teach a man to Google and he can find his own damn facts.

Jonah Golberg, he’s not much for the research:


But maybe someone around here knows the answer to this. Have Democrats ever voted in significant numbers against a judge who was too extreme on the left? Leahy claims that he’s drawn the line in the past against activist and extremist judges. Were there any liberals judges who met that test or are extremist judges only conservative? Schumer regularly says he can vote for anybody in the “mainstream.” Are liberal judges ever out of the mainstream? (I know Schumer hasn’t been around long enough, but you get the larger point). Just curious.

Update: Ramesh reminds me that Frederica Massiah-Jackson had her name pulled because even Dems couldn’t support her (under Clinton). Is that the whole list?

For the record we’ve been pardoning Jonah’s ignorance for far too long….

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