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We get freep mail

I don’t get too many hate mails or psycho diatribes in my inbox here at the Blend. The classic one was the “monitor your Bevis” email back in July.

Today’s entertainment comes from “dan,” who seems to have a little problem with the content here…

Actual Freeper-like Mailâ„?

This site has no integrity. It cannot be trusted. You misrepresent the evidence and assume things that are not true. Hmmm you must be a liberal! It’s ironic how the very things that you accuse these conservative of doing the liberals actually don’t think are a big deal (i.e. adultery, homosexuality etc.). You should be praising some of these conservatives for upholding your values! The same old tiresome attempt to bring down our honest president (a real leader) by repeating that he did not report for duty when he was in the national guard has been proven over and over again to be a lie (where’s Dan Rather these days?). But you insist on retelling the lie…hoping that someone would believe the lie to be true.

I also love the lie about Bill Bennett as well. If he likes to gamble (it is legal you know) this in no way means that he is an addict. He’s not. He can do what he wants w/ his money. Keep your nose out of his and other people’s business. He didn’t spend the “milk money” (since you’re a liberal I’ll explain…this means he’s not taking money away from his family that would be needed to provide for them). You want him to be an addict in your own mind so you can put him on your web page. In fact many of those you have on your site would be removed if someone with a knowledge of current events were running it…but that wouldn’t be you.

You are just proving what most Americans know…that the democrats and liberals are out of touch w/ America and reality. They don’t seem to be the intellectual type…since they have to spread lies instead of dealing w/ the truth. Liberals can only criticize yet have absolutely no plans or ideas that would be better. All of you just fill our country with negativity and hinder progress. You take away our freedoms by enslaving us to barbaric ways of living. You cry child abuse when a mother spanks her child in love to correct him/her but then you run to a pro-choice rally to fight for a mother’s “right” to slaughter her child (i.e. no child abuse). I know, if you’re really for choice why not let the baby be born, let him/her grow up just enough to make the decision on his/her own, and if he/she wants to be slaughtered then let the mother do it That’s more logical than killing a human being w/o even giving him/her a chance to speak up for his/her own right live or die. You also enslave women in hatred towards men (division) and enslave them to the idea that if you are a stay at home mother there’s something wrong with you….”you could be so much more.” You limit their capabilities and creativity by shoving them into a business suit and an office. You enslave blacks to poverty by assisting them w/ handouts (in return for votes) instead of an education that will lead to a job. You label them “stupid” in your treatment of them but blame the Republicans for the problem. We need to examine this wellfare failure. It’s not working (except for the get votes).

You enslave homosexuals to a less than human lifestyle and encourage them to be animals by telling them to be “themselves” and that they were born this way. You have enslaved them to AIDS & death. The Conservatives are the only ones who care about them as people (ask what the homos think of conservative & former surgeon general Koop!!). We don’t need money for a cure for AIDS…they need to be taught that homosexuality is abnormal (anus is exit only!) and immoral. They need to be counseled emotionally to heal their broken relationships w/ their parents. You also enslave people to broken families by demeaning the family…by redefining the family. You have no right to define anything.

I find it very humorous that people like you will passionately tell people that you can believe and live anyway you want just don’t push it on someone else. But this is exactly what you’re doing. You’re really saying that you shouldn’t push your beliefs on anyone else except for the belief that you should not push your beliefs on anyone else (can anyone say ‘illogical’). But this is totally fine for the liberal. He/she lives illogically all the time and the hilarious thing is….they’re comfortable there!! They may not be bright enough to notice.

All this to say that your web site is filled with typical liberal lies, confusion, inconsistencies, propaganda, and bias. I think you know it…but again maybe you don’t. This is the sad part….living outside of reality. I wonder what it’s like…but again I don’t really want to know. I can just watch you…and laugh (i.e. Bush caused Katrina; there’s actually global warming; Bill Clinton was a good president…yeah if he was planning for 911 to be a huge success…for more on this read Bill Gertz’s book “Breakdown”; Also for Clinton & Gore selling nuclear weapons secrets to our deadliest enemy China in return for huge donations to the Democratic party read Gertz’s book “The China Threat”; for a reality check read “Bias” by Norman Goldberg..a liberal who couldn’t take working for Dan Rather and CBS anymore b/c of the lies and bias of the media…he exposes it all…the media hate him & he no longer has a job..just for voicing his opinion…who is it that really has too much power?!!; if you have an open mind you’ll read these books that are well documented as facts not opinions or imaginary stories like those that come from the liberal and the liberal media. Thank God for conservative radio (Rush, Hannity, Levin, etc.) and Fox news that give us a balanced viewpoint..which scares the hell out of CBS, NBC, ABC, CNN, MSNBC, & Al Franken. Why do you think Air America was started? The fear that Rush and Hannity were exposing the liberal lies…so now Franken is a liberal Rush wannabe. He’s pathetic & rather simple minded (i.e. the Downing Street report was real he says!).

Well, now that I’ve convinced you to become a conservative (haha, I don’t expect you to read the above books or consider the opinions since liberals are extremely narrow-minded) I’m heading to a Christian right wing extremist conspiracy meeting to plan more ways to screw up the left (i.e. same agenda every meeting: “Leave the liberals to themselves, they’ll take of themselves for us!!).


A husband (male) of one wife (female) who cooks, cleans, submits, &takes; care of our two biological children (ours…really!)

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