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If Chimpy's taking it, it isn't working.

I was surfing over at that queen Matt Drudge‘s site, and I saw this nutty ad shilling fish oil capsules using a picture of the Chimperor. I went ahead and clicked on it to see what kind of nonsense was there. The only connection to Bush is this screaming headline: “President Bush’s most recent physical showed that he is in near perfect health. His doctor revealed he takes only one supplement a day – it’s Omega-3.”

Blaylock blathers on and on in a breathless manner and says a variety of Omega-3-rich foods and supplements can:

* Help treat bipolar disorder
* Restrain anger, anxiety and fear
* Block depression
* Counteract a variety of autoimmune diseases
* Prevent and treat cancer
* Inhibit stroke
* Reduce arrhythmia
* Combat brain diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s
* Cut the risk of heart attack

OK, I’ll buy that Omega-3 is good for you, but there’s no damn way you can tell me that it’s working on the Chimp, because his unhinged, detached behavior signals he needs something a little stronger — his brain is clearly diseased, and he has a terrible reputation for his anger. Who knows, he may have a few others on that a la carte menu up there.

I think that if I were a quack like Blaylock, I’d find a better subject to do the shilling for my fish oil.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding