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Gay man beaten and lashed in Iran

From UKGayNews: Amir escaped Iran after the authorities threatened him with execution for being gay – but not before he was subjected to the barbarism of 100 lashes, which left his back covered in huge bloody welts.

PageOneQ has an exclusive interview with this young victim of the anti-gay crackdown in Iran. Amir recently escaped from Iran — and advance excerpts from the interview by Senior Contributing Editor Doug Ireland for New York’s Gay City News conducted the interview with a translator. A snippet:

“There was a metal chair in the middle of the room — they put a gas flame under the chair, and made me sit on it as the metal seat got hotter and hotter. They threatened to send me to an army barracks where all the soldiers were going to rape me. There was a soft drink bottle sitting on a table — Ali Panahi told one of the other basiji to take the bottle and shove it up my as, screaming, ‘This will teach you not to want any more cock!’ I was so afraid of sitting in that metal chair as it got hotter and hotter that I confessed. Then they brought out my file, and told me that I was a ‘famous faggot’ in Shiraz. They beat me up so badly that I passed out, and was thrown, unconscious, into a holding cell.

“When I came to, I saw there were several dozen other gay guys in the cell with me. One of them told me that, after they had taken him in, they beat him and forced him to set up dates with people through chat rooms — and each one of those people had been arrested, those were the other people in that cell with me.”

“We were eventually all taken to court, and cross-examined. The judge sentenced four of us, including me, to public flogging. The news was printed all over the newspapers that a group of homosexuals had been arrested, with our names. I got 100 lashes — I passed out before the 100 lashes were over. When I woke up, my arms and legs were so numb that I fell over when they picked me up from the platform on which I’d been lashed. They had told me that, if I screamed, they will beat me even harder — so I was biting my arms so hard, to keep from screaming, that I left deep teeth wounds in my own arms.”

More of the graphic images of torture are here.

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