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The lesser of the Power Line Trifecta of Obliviousness writes:

Or maybe Rather was happiest with the bogus death count estimate of 10,000 that the MSM put forth. I’m partial to this one because it springs, in part, from a central fallacy of the leftism of the MSM and others — that people have no capacity to act without the government’s help. The intitial impact of the storm could not have caused anything like 10,000 deaths, nor was this the impression the MSM wanted to convey. The estimate assumed instead that, with government not functioning, a substantial number of residents who did not evacuate the city lacked the intiative to move to higher ground (or to the Superdome, as they were told to) as the water level rose, and the decency to help the incapacitated do so. In effect the estimate assumed that a large number of residents lacked the sense, as the old saying goes, “to come in out of the rain.” Only a liberal (think Bill Clinton, for example) would have such a low regard for the ability of humans to engage in minimal self-help. And, given the demographics of New Orleans, it would also help for the liberal to be a racist.

Louisiana Republican Senator David Vitter:

Republican U.S. Sen. David Vitter of Louisiana said the death toll from Hurricane Katrina could top 10,000 in his state alone, though he emphasized his figure was premature and unofficial.

“My guess is that it will start at 10,000, but that is only a guess,” Vitter said, according to Agence France-Presse.

Vitter said his remarks were not based on any official death toll or body count.

The senator also called for immediate deployment of regular U.S. combat troops in New Orleans, saying the build-up of National Guard troops was too slow to quickly restore order.

Looks like the MSM doesn’t have a monopoly on pulling things out of its ass…

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