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The new poll tax

Good old boy, Georgia Gov. Sonny Perdue’s feeling a little nostalgic, I guess.

Both Outrage of the Day and Facing South covered this one. Instead of the South’s poll tax on blacks, we have the New South’s requirement for a driver’s license or an ID card that you must pay for to be able to vote. This time, it’s Georgia rolling back the clock. Outrage:

…The state’s Republican governor, Sonny Perdue, has just signed “a new voter ID law that requires many people without driver’s licenses – a group that is disproportionately poor, black and elderly – to pay $20 or more for a state ID card.” The [NYT] article points out that not only is there no facility in the largest metro area of Georgia – Atlanta, selling these cards, but out of 159 counties in the state, only 58 are set up to sell these ID cards.

Georgia’s Republicans insist the new requirement for a State ID is just a way to prevent voter fraud. But really, isn’t this just a way to prevent voting? Certainly, it’s a way to keep a certain populous away from the polls. When faced with the choice of paying $20 to vote in a Presidential election, or, applying that same $20 to a month’s rent or grocery bill– the whole voting idea seems a little extravagant, doesn’t it?

Possession of a driver’s license isn’t a right– yet, the Georgia legislature has made it a litmus test for who is qualified to vote. Sadly, if the ACLU doesn’t succeed in it’s challenge of the law, other states will certainly follow Georgia’s lead.

Hat tip to Kris of Classic Dykes Online.

Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding