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Ohio State's Queers on Wheels affirms the destructive homo lifestyle

“There’s a long history here in Columbus of homosexual activism, and very powerful homosexual faculty at OSU that goes back three and four decades. So this is a longstanding situation. It’s very unfortunate. Many people have tried to do various things about it.”

— Linda Harvey of Columbus-based wingnut group Mission America on the Ohio State University deviants running a sexuality workshop for the disabled

Yet another case of asshat wingnuts with too much time on their hands. It’s actually good to see queer visibility and activism in Ohio, given the attempts by the Right to squash gay rights there.

Ohio State University is being criticized for sponsoring two October workshops on homosexuals with disabilities. In an effort to celebrate both National Coming Out Week and Disability Awareness Month, OSU is holding a “Queers on Wheels” sexuality workshop.

The pro-homosexual event is being billed as a workshop that “will cover sexuality issues affecting gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transsexual people with disabilities.” Ohio State also plans to hold a “Queers on Wheels” disability sensitivity training, which will include lectures on “using proper people-centered language,” “etiquette dos and don’ts,” and a “general discussion about disability and the GLBTQ community” — that is, gays, lesbians, bisexuals, transsexuals, and queers.

Linda Harvey of the Columbus-based conservative group Mission America says such events are par for the course on the homosexual-friendly OSU campus. “This is not doing people with disabilities any favors at all by encouraging or affirming them further in the destructive homosexual lifestyle,” she asserts. “I think it’s a real tragedy that student fees and tuition money or any money at all goes toward something like this.”

…Harvey is urging outraged Ohio taxpayers to write a letter of protest to OSU’s Board of Trustees and to the state’s governor, Bob Taft.

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