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Little Ricky enjoys a little Man-Dog

Mike Tidmus is at it again. Little Ricky is trying to subscribe to one of his new favorite magazines, Man-Dog.

Maybe Santorum was right when he suggested that if you give the gays an inch the next thing you know you’ll have hot man-dog sex action. As evidence take a close look at the cover of the latest issue of Man-Dog magazine. Disgusting. Repulsive. Silly! Precisely what Pennsylvanians will get if they vote for Bob Casey and send Lil Rickie to the dog house. And it seems the voters are not getting that message. Santorum continues to slump in the polls — down by 14 percent.

Maybe the right-wingers would do better if they could settle on a consistent man-species-relationship-threat to traditional marriage:

Santorum says dogs. O’Reilly says ducks or goats. Colorado state Representative Jim Welker says horses.

I say, oy! Serious psychiatric intervention warranted.

Mike’s also launched a CafePress site featuring some of his handiwork that you’ve seen on the Blend. Check it out.

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Pam Spaulding