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A quick check with our crack archivists has confirmed what I suspected: today is the three year anniversary of TBogg the blog (not to be confused with TBogg!: The Musical which is a lot like Stomp, but without the homoerotic overtones. Okay, maybe a few homoerotic overtones…but only in act two in the scene that takes place in the kitchen). Anyway, according to our crack statisticians I have written 5919 posts, had close to 4.5 million hits, and used the word ‘blowjob’ a disturbing number of times.

Unlike this guy, I didn’t coin the term ‘blogosphere”, but I can lay claim to creating the following:

&#149The Virgin Ben
&#149Jenna and NotJenna
&#149The 101st Fighting Keyboarders
&#149America’s Worst Mother&#153

…which will be my Canticle For Leibowitz when Internet historians under President Dancin’ Jack Roberts survey The Great Blogging Paradigm and try to understand why the people of the era never noticed what a wanker Hugh Hewitt was.

In the manner of the Emmy awards I want to thank Atrios for talking me into blogging, the folks at Salon’s Table Talk who nudged me along, the patient and nubile Mrs tbogg for indulging my need to snark instead of having family fun night, and all of you for stopping by. If I have caused you to think bad thoughts about assorted politicians, celebrities, b-grade pundits, and James Lileks… well, it was worth it.

On additional note, we (and by we, I mean me and my everchanging moods) are starting the process of moving tbogg elsewhere under it’s own domain name with a new look and name and RSS feeds and all that other internets stuff that the kids are always talkihg about. It’s still in the pupal stage so if anyone has any suggestions, I’m open to persuasion.

Thanks for reading.

This has been post #5920.


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