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Self-loathing homo Congressman Dave Dreier gets deserved grief

Dreier’s been solidly outed a number of times, on BlogActive, Raw Story, and in Hustler magazine — but the MSM won’t do anything with that information. Graphic: BlogActive.

Mike Rogers at BlogActive roasts California homo-bigot fag, Repug Congressman David Dreier of California, with an action item. If this can be believed, self-loathing Dreier, when faced with the recent Hate Crimes Prevention Act, voted against it — the historic bill passed the House without this loser’s vote. Mike’s pissed (in the most fabulously wry way):

Clearly David is subservient to the hateful leadership (I’m no petite guy, but not even I could stand to bottom for House Speaker Denny Hastert the way David Dreier bending over on a daily basis.). Or is it that he hates himself THAT much?

[Oy, the imagery of Denny Hastert having his way with the Congressman from the 26th District — the “foothills of California”…ugh.]

…David did not vote against the entire bill. He voted only against the Conyers amendment that added SEXUAL ORIENTATION. In my opinion, this is actually WORSE. I mean come on your self loathing fag. You vote FOR the bill, but you wish it DIDN’T include gays? What a sad, sad man(?) you are.

Here is the contact info to complain about this dude: Dave’s DC office at (202) 225-2305. California office: 626-852-2626.

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Pam Spaulding

Pam Spaulding