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Okay, if I put up a post like this:

September 17, 2005: Was a SAM fired at an America West jet at JFK yesterday?

LGF reported the story several hours ago with appropriate caution. Michelle Malkin has already followed up with the airline. Something did happen and an investigation is under way. Whether a missile was fired, however, is not confirmed. Now that the blogosphere has looked into an extraordinary and, if true, hugely important story, it will be interesting to see how and if the mainstream media follow up.

…and spent the next day putting up four more posts without mentioning, “Oh yeah. That SAM thing? Um, it was birds. Nevermind. Whoops. My bad. Sorry MSM”, I would start to worry that people might not take me seriously anymore.

Oh wait. Never mind…

PJMedia: Close Enough To The Truth. Whatever.

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