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UNC columnist: strip those Arabs naked to fight terrorism

Jillian Bandes is a racist, bigoted moron. She’s also likely to hit the right-wing speaking tour shortly.

This Ann Coulter wannabe wrote an interesting column about racial profiling in the war against terror. She really does have the subtlety of our bed-worn, plagiarist b*tch of the right wing.

Did she not get the memo that Ann’s brand of politics is getting her dropped from papers and speaking engagements because she’s tired and offensive? I guess not. This nonsense is unbelievable; remember, someone at this paper made an editorial decision to run this. (Daily Tar Heel):

I want all Arabs to be stripped naked and cavity-searched if they get within 100 yards of an airport. I don’t care if they’re being inconvenienced. I don’t care if it seems as though their rights are being violated. I care about my life. I care about the lives of my family and friends.

And I care about the lives of the Arabs and Arab Americans I’m privileged to know and study with. They’re some of the brightest, kindest people I’ve ever met. [Good god..”some of my best friends are…” is this her mitigating statement for the rest of this horsesh*t?]

Tragically, they’re also members of an ethnicity that is responsible for almost every act of terror committed against the West in the recent past. And in the wake of the anniversary of 9/11, I think it’s important to remember not only those who died, but how they died, why they died and where we stand now compared to where we stood then.

Four years and two days ago, we stood somewhere between apathy and ignorance. Sure, there were heinous acts of terrorism being committed in far-away lands, and sure, there was always the threat that some psychopath might do something. After all, we’re the generation of Timothy McVeigh, the Unabomber and Columbine. The news was littered with coverage of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, nerve gas on Japanese subways and terror in the Balkans.

But those attacks weren’t in the same buildings we toured on our eighth-grade class trips. They didn’t kill 3,000 of our relatives. They weren’t in our face.

So Bushie waged war on ’em. He set out to knock the evil off its axis, and we’re still there, duking it out.

And for good reason. You can debate a lot of things about post-9/11 foreign policy, but one thing you can’t debate is that taking out terrorists — or blatant human-rights violators — is a good thing. You also can’t debate that of the 19 hijackers on those planes, all 19 were Arab. And you can’t debate that while most Arabs are not terrorists, sadly, most terrorists are indeed Arab.

Given this combination, I want some kind of security. Done in a professional, conscientious manner, racial profiling is more likely to get the bad guys than accosting my 12-year-old pipsqueak of a brother on his way to summer camp.

When asked if she had a boyfriend, Ann Coulter once said that any time she had a need for physical intimacy, she would simply walk through an airport’s security checkpoint.

I want Arabs to get sexed up like nothing else.

She was, thankfully, fired, not for the above inflammatory crap (after all she does have a right to her diseased opinion), but for passages later in the column where she quotes Arab students at UNC portraying as being in agreement with the above bullsh*t. The public editor at the Daily Tar Heel, Elliot Dube, says this:

“I want Arabs to get sexed up like nothing else.

“And Arab students at UNC don’t seem to think that’s such a bad idea.”

Following these statements were quotes by three separate sources. A reasonable person could infer that the “that’s” in the second sentence refers to the getting “sexed up” in the first. He or she also could infer that the sources actually relayed a belief that Arabs getting “sexed up” wasn’t “such a bad idea” — and the average reader would have no way of knowing whether or not Jillian actually shared the “sexed up” concept with her sources.

After contacting the sources, the DTH leadership found that none of them had come close to stating such a belief. Seeing as how a reasonable person could make the aforementioned inferences, Jillian’s column not only misrepresented these sources, but it also put them in a false light.

It’s true that DTH leaders fired Jillian to protect certain interests of their own. But not included was the interest that coincided with any involved party’s political beliefs or the one that coincided with anyone’s desire to quell the anger that had arisen among many readers.

It’s in their interest to maintain an operable relationship with current and future sources — one in which those sources aren’t concerned that the meaning of their words will be altered and that they will be misrepresented in articles read by thousands of people.

You should head over to Dube’s response, because there are unhinged comments by readers about the firing. The Freeper crowd there is holding her up as a martyr to the “censorship” occurring on “liberal” campuses. I think the DTH editorial staff is trying to have it both ways on this one, so they are getting grief.

BTW, my brother taught at UNC, and trust me, while the place is fairly progressive (remember, this is still the South), some of the things that came out of the mouths of the socially conservative undergrad students he taught there would curl your hair — so I don’t doubt she has local support for her views as well.

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