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Sanctity of marriage

It lasted four months. Renee, baby, the man’s a homo* — I know you don’t have gaydar, but he sets mine off big time. The man needed this marriage to boost some album sales, and well, we know he had a “crush” on you, but it is possible for homos to have straight celebrity crushes, silly.

After all, my straight celebrity crushes are Bruce Willis and Chris Meloni — but I doesn’t mean I’d marry either of them. Girl, you’ve been had. He had to do it — he’s in Country music for god’s sake!

Meanwhile, this is just another in the string of eye-blink-long marriages as the wingers crow about the sanctity of marriage that needs protection from the homos.

Is there anyone openly gay in Country? Who’s in the rumor mill? I heard rumors about Aaron Tippin years ago, but no confirmation on that one either. Wasn’t one guy caught propositioning some cop in a rest stop, and then he “found Jesus” and got “back on track?”


Shakes Sis has commentary on Kenny and Renee as well.

* I have no proof, just my gaydar.


Speaking of gossip, has anyone checked out the delicious A-List? Lots of rumors about a whole lot of famous people. Love the entry on Chimpy:

Bush, George W. Recovering drunkard (and probably a dry drunk) and cokehead. Not the brightest bulb in the lamp, and in fact couldn’t spell cat if you gave him the “c” and the “a.” The best argument against participatory democracy I know. Hypocritical moralist; Bill Clinton without the brains. Funded a girlfriend’s abortion. At odds with his wife over how to treat his daughters’ alcoholism. Believes (according to his own words) that only “believers in Jesus” will go to Heaven. Given his performance since being elected, it’s now clear that the man is either a pathological liar or holds the American public in such contempt that he doesn’t even bother to make his lies credible.

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