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'Ex-Gay' into leathermen

Wayne Besen, blogger and author of Anything But Straight, an exposé of the ex-gay movement, has a real mind-blower of a post up.

Apparently, one of the more prominent ex-gay proponents, Richard Cohen, (above, left) president of Parents and Friends of ExGays and Gays (P-FOX) was testing the limits of his reclaimed heterosexuality on Howard Stern Show, frolicking around with a leatherman (above).

Former Moonie and naked cult member Richard Cohen was on Howard Stern this morning to make an ass of himself, talking about his bizarre “transformation” from gay to straight. In typical fashion, he was a buffoon and a self-promoting media ho, who plugged his book every six seconds. Two things he failed to bring up:

1) He was kicked out of the American Counseling Association for malpractice (whoops!)
2) He once left his wife and child to have sex with men in New York City (Yikes!)

Sounds like a real success story!

As Wayne mentions, Cohen, was “expelled for life” out of the ACA for unethical conduct, so a little homo falling off the wagon is not far-fetched, considering this guy’s past (and present). P-FOX is the outrageous group that goes around to schools encouraging the formation of ludicrous “Ex-Gay” & “Everstraight” Student Clubs — “The purpose of an ex-gay & everstraight club is to provide a safe environment for all students to discuss alternatives to homosexuality and find ex-gay resources. Clubs can be started by students who have never been gay (everstraights), ex-gay students, and those struggling with unwanted same sex attraction.”

Looks like Richard might be the one struggling.

You know, I wonder if Richard Cohen has ever run into Peter LaBarbera, executive director of the Illinois Family Institute, at a leather event. After all, Peter is well-versed on the scene because of all of his “undercover experiences.” Perhaps they can compare notes — or share experiences. After all, it’s just a couple of straight guys sitting around talking…Look at what Petey shared with his fellow fundamentalists:

Sadistic/masochistic “leather” sexuality often includes consensual sexual violence (beating, whipping, or otherwise inducing pain as part of sex) and “consensual” degradation and humiliation between “partners.”

…I decided to go down to Chicago on Memorial Day, the last day of IML [International Mr. Leather], to gather evidence on this twisted event. As you can imagine, this idea didn’t go over too well with my wife.

…I paid my two-dollar entrance fee and passed by a femmy “leather” guy who was happily greeting visitors with the line, “Welcome to the WalMart of porn!” At the vendors’ area, I found booth upon booth–there were over a hundred–selling whips, handcuffs, electric “torture” devices, leather “hoods,” etc., a veritable cornucopia for the deviant.

Hat tip, PageOneQ.

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